Bayside Woods

Bayside Woods is a community built in 1982 by Hansen & Horn on the edge Indianapolis, IN. Consequently, the printed documentation consisted of third, fourth, fifth, etc. generation photocopies. I updated all of the printed documents and created a website.

The new PDF of the covenants can easily downloaded from the website. Since they are PDFs they can be keyword searched.

The neighborhood map was improved by combining multiple maps into one  master vector map. The new map shows streetlights/numbers, power stations, retaining walls, drainage, paint colors, decks, fireplaces, unit and building numbers.

The wayfinding for the community was not adequate. So I was able to assist with new signage to improve the look of the community. The new wayfinding makes it easier for visitors and emergency services to find streets quickly.

In addition to graphic design and web design services, I also provided interior design services to refresh the clubhouse. Design choices were made to be timeless and durable.


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