Rb Architects

Rb Architects is an Indianapolis firm that focuses on architecture, preservation, planning and interiors. The firm responds to Requests for Proposals (RFP). Rb hired me to create a booklet template that they could use to create RFPs and I have created numerous RFPs on their behalf. The finished booklets are like architecture—they combine form and function. It is essential that the booklets look professional in order to win multi-million dollar RFPs.

Rb also provides services for long range downtown revitalizations. I have designed the books that summarize the past, present and future vision for community. In addition to the books, I have created timeline posters that keep all participants on-track on multi-year projects.

To keep their website current, Rb hired me to refresh their website. I was able to give the website a new look by changing colors and images—this was done at a fraction of the cost of a new website design.

Sometimes community input is required for projects. I have designed many displays to encourage community participation in projects. These displays create excitement. They also encourage the viewer to attend meetings, submit ideas, vote on design materials and vote on programming.

Rb is located in the historic Glossbrenner Mansion. I designed signage that worked in harmony with the woodwork and the stained glass of the historic mansion.


Website refresh | Request for proposal booklets | Revitalization books | Posters | Display cases | Signage.